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1/11/2013 3:23:00 PM
Goat boys, girls win tourney
Chelanís Erick Oscarson scores against the Kiona-Benton Bears in the opening round of the Holiday Tournament here. Photos by Randy Dietrich
Chelanís Erick Oscarson scores against the Kiona-Benton Bears in the opening round of the Holiday Tournament here. Photos by Randy Dietrich
Chelan High Schoolís Courtney Dietrich scores a basket to tie the game late in the fourth quarter against Lakeside in the Holiday Tournament final Dec. 29.
Chelan High Schoolís Courtney Dietrich scores a basket to tie the game late in the fourth quarter against Lakeside in the Holiday Tournament final Dec. 29.
Girls win title
Senior center Courtney Dietrich poured in 25 points and grabbed 12 rebounds to help the Lady Goats squeeze past the Lakeside Eagles, 53-49, in overtime Dec. 29 to claim the Chelan Holiday Tournament championship.

The Lady Goats built a 27-21 halftime lead but shot just 6-of-24 from the floor in the second half while the Eagles hit half of their field goal attempts to catch Chelan at 44-44 at the end of regulation.

Junior forward Abby Phelps scored 11 points and had 6 rebounds.

Dec. 29 at Chelan Comm. Gym
Lakeside Eagles 7 14 11 12 (5)_49
Chelan Lady Goats 14 13 9 8 (9)_53
Lakeside Eagles: TOTAL FG%: 1st half 9-22(.409) 2nd half 13-26(.500) Game 22-48(.458) FG%: 1st half 2-4(.500) 2nd half 2-7(.286) Game 4-11(.364) FT%: Game 1-4(.250)
Chelan Lady Goats: 44 Emma Stockholm 5r, 5p, Abby Phelps 6r 11p, Courtney Dietrich 12r, 25p, Emily Schramm 8, Hailey Habich 4.
TOTAL FG%: 1st half 12-23(.522) 2nd half 6-24(.250) Game 18-47(.383) FG%: 1st half 1-1(1.000) 2nd half 0-2(.000) Game 1-3(.333) FT%: Game 16-27(.593)

Chelan Holiday Hoops Tournament
(At Chelan Community Gym)
Friday, Dec. 28
First Round Games
1: Lakeside Girls 58, Life Christian 20
2: Adna Boys 58, Life Christian Boys 48
3: Chelan Girls 51, Kiona Benton Girls 45
4: Chelan Boys 51, Kiona Benton Boys 27
Third-Place Finals
GIRLS: Kiona Benton 40, Life Christian 34
BOYS: Kiona Benton 62, Life Christian 50
Championship Games
GIRLS: Chelan Lady Goats 53, Lakeside Eagles 49 (OT)
BOYS: Chelan Goats 48, Adna Pirates 44

Dec. 28, at Chelan Comm. Gym
Kiona-Benton Bears 4 10 11 20_45
Chelan Lady Goats 11 12 15 13_51
Kiona-Benton Bears: TOTALS: FG%: 1st half 5-29(.172) 2nd half 9-25(.360) Game 14-54(.259) FG%: 1st half 2-16(.125) 2nd half 4-8(.500) Game 6-24(.250) FT%: Game 11-13(.846)
Chelan Lady Goats: Abby Phelps 10r, 15p, Emily Schramm 4, Hailey Habich 6, Megan Robinson 5, Courtney Dietrich 15r 19p, Emma Stockholm 2.
TOTALS: FG%: 1st half 8-21(.381) 2nd half 10-35(.286) Game 18-56(.321) FT%: Game 15-24(.625)

Dec. 28, at Chelan Comm. Gym
Kiona Benton Bears 8 0 8 11_27
Chelan Goats 12 12 15 12_51
Kiona Benton Bears: TOTAL FG%: 1st half 2-19(.105) 2nd half 7-20(.350) Game 9-39(.231) FG%: 1st half 2-9(.222) 2nd half 3-7(.429) Game 5-16(.313) FT%: Game 4-10(.400)
Chelan Goats: 12 Michael Amsel Jr. 10, Eli Jenkins 4, Erick Oscarson 7r 17p, Aaron Schramm 8, Kai Clausen 6, Franklin Rosas 2, Hank Hollingsworth 5r, 6p.
TOTAL FG%: 1st half 11-23(.478) 2nd half 12-24(.500) Game 23-47(.489) FG%: 1st half 0-2(.000) 2nd half 0-0(.000) Game 0-2(.000) FT%: Game 5-8(.625)

Vince Lovato

Senior guard Michael Amsel, Jr., scored 17 points to lead the Chelan boys basketball to a 48-44 victory Dec. 29 over the Adna Pirates in the championship game of the Chelan Holiday Tournament.

The Goats surged to a commanding 45-31 lead after three quarters but the Pirates rallied for 13 points while holding Chelan to just 3 fourth-quarter points.

Dec. 29 at Chelan Community Gym
Adna Pirates 15 8 8 13_44
Chelan Goats 11 15 19 3_48
Adna Pirates: TOTAL FG%: 1st half 8-27(.296) 2nd half 7-24(.292) Game 15-51(.294) FG%: 1st half 3-12(.250) 2nd half 3-10(.300) Game 6-22(.273) FT%: Game 8-14(.571)
Chelan Goats: Hank Hollingsworth 9, Kai Clausen 2, Michael Amsel Jr. 17, Eli Jenkins 2, Kyle Johnson 1, Aaron Schramm 9, Jared Anderson 6, Erick Oscarson 2.
TOTAL FG%: 1st half 11-21(.524) 2nd half 8-26(.308) Game 19-47(.404) FG%: 1st half 1-3(.333) 2nd half 1-2(.500) Game 2-5(.400) FT%: Game 8-14(.571)

Chelan boys 58, Cashmere 56
By Vince Lovato, Editor

Cashmere High School's Coleman McElroy converted a layup with about 39 seconds left to play to complete a minor comeback against host Chelan Thursday night and tie the rival game at 56-56.

But Chelan's Kai Clausen banked in an awkward 14-foot jump shot at the buzzer to preserve the Goats' victory. The win puts Chelan in a first-place tie with Brewster in the Caribou Trail League and sets up a showdown at 7:30 p.m. tonight at Brewster.

Until his buzzer beater, Clausen missed six shots from the floor, but after his game-winner, his teammates and a few fans dog piled on him in celebration.

Clausen's shot was a reflection of the game and season for Coach Joe Harris and the Goats. Nine players scored against Cashmere as Harris searched for combinations of players to thwart the Bulldogs' aggressive play.

Harris admonished his players to "block out," and "rebound," and "don't be afraid to take a charge," against the Bulldogs, who seemed to slice between and around Goats to pick off rebounds in the first half.

After trailing 15-9 at the end of the first quarter, the Goats went on a furious 18-7 run in the second quarter, spurred by nifty passing and clutch shooting from senior guard Michael Amsel, Jr., who led all Goats with 20 points.

They maintained their 27-22 halftime advantage as the teams battled for 18 points apiece in the third quarter to set up the dramatic finish.

Senior forward Aaron Schramm scored 16 points.
After losing their season opener, the boys have won nine straight games.

Cashmere Bulldogs 15 7 18 16_56
Chelan Goats 9 18 18 13_58
Jan. 3 at Chelan High School
Cashmere Bulldogs: Dylan Boyd 25, Casey Roberts 13.
TOTALS: FG%: 1st half 7-22(.318) 2nd half 15-22(.682) Game 22-44(.500) 3-Pt FG%: 1st half 0-3(.000) 2nd half 3-7(.429) Game 3-10(.300) FT%: Game 9-12(.750)
Chelan Goats: Kyle Johnson 2; Michael Amsel Jr. 20; Eli Jenkins 4, Hank Hollingsworth 2, Franklin Rosas 3, Aaron Schramm 16, Erick Oscarson 7r, 7p; Jared Anderson 2, Kai Clausen 2.
TOTALS: FG%: 1st half 8-23(.348) 2nd half 12-25(.480) Game 20-48(.417) 3-Pt FG%: 1st half 2-4(.500) 2nd half 1-2(.500) Game 3-6(.500) FT%: Game 15-25(.600)

Lady Goats 36, Cashmere 31

By Vince Lovato, Editor

Most of Thursday's CTL game between rivals Cashmere and Chelan was dictated by physical play. At times it looked like roller derby instead of basketball.

Twice during the game, Chelan starters were sprawled on the floor with minor injuries. At least four other times, players from both teams were grappling on the court for loose balls. Players from both teams often seemed frustrated by the inability to score easily.

Junior forward Abby Phelps went down with leg cramps and senior guard Emily Schramm injured her leg after getting buried in a scramble for a loose ball.

But when it counted the most, it was the Lady Goats' finesse and grace under pressure that decided the game.
Phelps and senior forward Courtney Dietrich both hit one-plus-ones in the last 19.8 seconds with the game on the line to preserve the victory.

Dietrich seemed to be a target for the Lady Dogs, who hacked, held and ran through her all game. Cashmere held her to seven rebounds and 6 points but she composed herself enough to hit her bonus shots with 9.6 seconds to play to ice the victory.

With the attention on Dietrich, Phelps thrived, collecting a whopping 22 rebounds and scoring 15 points to lead all scorers.

"It was another close one," said Chelan Coach Frank Phelps. "They're all going to be like that."
The Lady Goats, who were 12-12 last year after a dramatic run through the playoffs, remain undefeated at 8-0 and 4-0 in the CTL. They travel to undefeated Brewster for a first-place showdown on Friday.

Cashmere Bulldogs 8 10 8 5 31
Chelan Lady Goats 8 9 9 10 36
Cashmere Lady Bulldogs: TOTAL FG%: 1st half 7-23(.304) 2nd half 5-29(.172) Game 12-52(.231) 3-Pt FG%: 1st half 3-11(.273) 2nd half 1-8(.125) Game 4-19(.211) FT%: Game 4-8(.500)
Chelan Lady Goats: Emma Stockholm 2, Abby Phelps 22r, 15p; Megan Robinson 1, Courtney Dietrich 7r, 6p; Emily Schramm 7, Hailey Habich 5.
TOTAL FG%: 1st half 7-25(.280) 2nd half 7-27(.259) Game 14-52(.269)
3-Pt FG%: 1st half 1-4(.250) 2nd half 0-3(.000) Game 1-7(.143) FT%: Game 7-12(.583)

Chelan Goats 11 15 15 13 54
Brewster Bears 14 7 7 8 36
Jan. 4 at Brewster High School
Chelan Goats: Kyle Johnson 6, Kai Clausen 3, Aaron Schramm 9, Erick Oscarson 11, Jared Anderson 4, Michael Amsel Jr. 11, Hank Hollingsworth 10.
TOTAL FG%: 1st half 11-25(.440) 2nd half 12-28(.429) Game 23-53(.434)
3-Pt FG%: 1st half 0-2(.000) 2nd half 1-1(1.000) Game 1-3(.333) FT%: Game 7-12(.583)
Brewster Bears: TOTAL FG%: 1st half 8-28(.286) 2nd half 6-18(.333) Game 14-46(.304)
3-Pt FG%: 1st half 2-8(.250) 2nd half 1-6(.167) Game 3-14(.214) FT%: Game 5-9(.556)

Chelan Lady Goats 13 15 16 14 58
BHS Lady Bears 21 16 17 18_72
Jan. 4 at Brewster
Chelan Lady Goats: Megan Robinson 14, Abby Phelps 7r, 10p, Sam Cooper 6, Courtney Dietrich 8r, 11p, Emma Stockholm 5r 8p, Emily Schramm 9, Hailey Habich 6r
TOTAL FG%: 1st half 10-27(.370) 2nd half 11-28(.393) Game 21-55(.382)
3-Pt FG%: 1st half 3-5(.600) 2nd half 3-7(.429) Game 6-12(.500) FT%: Game 10-13(.769)
Brewster Lady Bears: Chandler Smith 10r, 29p, Monica Landdeck 21
TOTAL FG%: 1st half 16-33(.485) 2nd half 11-22(.500) Game 27-55(.491)
3-Pt FG%: 1st half 2-13(.154) 2nd half 1-6(.167) Game 3-19(.158) FT%: Game 15-19(.789)

CHS wrestling places 2nd

From Coach Jay McGuffin:
Dec. 5 at Sky Valley Invitational: We came back and placed second today as a team. Great job boys, coach is proud but also excited to work you over Monday. The Goats went 5 for 5 in the finals!
Schwartz wins Best of West Tourney
Dec. 22 at Best of The West Wrestling Tournament Day 2: Four Chelan wrestlers placed in the top 4 of their 32-man bracket. Alex Cortez lost a tough semi-final match, but make back to finish third by beating a kid he lost to yesterday.
Erick Garcia made the finals in a stacked 132-pound bracket and placed second.
Asa Schwartz wrestled in the match of the day, winning his finals match in double overtime, and Luis Garcia used a little funk to pin his opponent and take home the championship.
Overall the goats are right where they should be: Hungry to work harder, get better, and climb the mountain to state.

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