Thursday, June 13, 2024

Formalized safety protocol for Stehekin in process


STEHEKIN – Lake Chelan Health EMS Director Ray Eickmeyer met with Stehekin residents Friday, Sept. 22 to discuss the adoption of a formalized safety protocol for the remote community. This meeting allowed community members to express both safety concerns and offer suggestions for plan elements.

This safety protocol would include systems to address many potential issues, including flood, fire, earthquake, fallen trees, missing persons, and, of course, any trauma or medical needs.

Regarding the overarching goals for establishing this plan, Eickmeyer cites,“[A] decrease of death, suffering, disability or sequelae from injury or illness up there…there is also the peace of mind.”

While residents have been attending to safety needs for many years with their own systems, Eickmeyer sees additional benefit in a formalized plan with broadened accessibility. He states, “…I’m just trying to bring in community and say, hey, how do we communicate to the visitors? Or maybe a new resident?”

He hopes to have this protocol clearly established before Nov. 1, and posted in prominent areas for Stehekin residents and visitors to access as needed.

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