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Manson Apple Blossom 2024 Royalty Selection Jan. 27


MANSON - Royalty selection for the 2024 Manson Apple Blossom Festival will be held on Saturday, January 27 at 6:30 p.m. at Manson High School. Admission will be $10 for adults, students $5, and children under 5 years old are free.  You are invited to enjoy the event and vote for the 2024 Manson Apple Blossom Royalty. This year’s theme is ‘Into the Wilderness’ and the festival will be held May 10 and 11 in downtown Manson.

Lexi Cesar

Lexi is the daughter of Salvador and Maria Cesar. She has an older brother Brayan (21) and two sisters Yulitza (15) and Kaylee (9).

Lexi has taken College in the High School Courses through Central Washington University, Eastern Washington University and University of Washington and will be graduating with over 60 college credits. She has consistently maintained a position on the Honor Roll throughout her high school career. Beyond academic achievements, she is actively involved in various extra-curricular activities, currently serving as Treasurer for the Raza Latina Club. During her sophomore and junior year, she served as the Class of 2024 Vice-president. 

Throughout high school, Lexi has been actively involved in sports, contributing significantly to the Varsity Soccer team from 8th grade to senior year. Her senior year she proudly took on the role of Team Captain, demonstrating leadership and dedication. She earned varsity letters highlighting her commitment to the sport. Additionally, she was recognized as the Most Improved Player her 8th grade season, reflecting her continuous efforts to enhance her skills. Beyond soccer, Lexi also participated in basketball during her sophomore and senior years. Furthermore, she took on the role of Boys Soccer Manager in both her sophomore and junior years.

Outside of school, Lexi enjoys painting, baking, going on walks and cleaning to stay organized. These activities help her relax, express creativity and maintain a balanced routine as a senior student.  

After graduation Lexi plans to attend a four-year university and pursue a career in Elementary Education.

Lexi’s favorite TV Show is Gilmore Girls and her favorite book is the series of A Series of Unfortunate Events.

When asked why do you want to be Manson Apple Blossom Royalty, Lexi said, “I want to be part of the Manson Apple Blossom Royalty because I know I can set an example to younger girls, just like past royalty have inspired me. Using my platform, I will be able to represent my community, help out younger students, and be more involved.”   

Aniyah Galdarisi

Aniyah is the daughter of Arianna and Daniel Galdarisi. She has two brothers, Alex (20) and Ben (15). 

Aniyah will be earning over 15 college credits from Eastern Washington University through College in the High School courses. Her high school journey has been shaped by a diverse range of extracurricular activities. She has been an active participant on the Knowledge Bowl Team. For the past years, she has been involved in Tennis and Pink Gloves Boxing Club demonstrating commitment to physical fitness and discipline. This year she joined the CWU Vex Robotics Team. Alongside these pursuits, she dedicated her time to fostering inclusive communities through the Cat Club and the Gay Straight Alliance Club. 

Outside of school, Aniyah has many interests. In her early years, from middle school to freshman year, she was actively engaged with The Chelan Dance Academy fostering her passion for dance. Beyond that, her enthusiasm extends to interior, web and fashion design, allowing her to express creativity in various mediums. Reading has been a constant source of pleasure, broadening her perspectives, while delving into Astronomy feeds her curiosity about the cosmos. Lastly, her love for art serves as a creative outlet.

Aniyah plans to attend either Eastern Washington University or Central Washington University to pursue a degree in Child Development or Design. 

Her favorite TV show is Steven Universe and she loved reading the Cruel Prince Series by Holly Black. 

When asked why she wanted to be part of Apple Blossom Royalty, Aniyah wrote, “I decided to run for Manson Apple Blossom Royalty because I have had an amazing journey within the Manson School District, and I want the opportunity to give back and better connect with the community that has shaped me, along with the unique experiences of being in the court.”

Isabelle Harris

Isabelle (Issy) is the daughter of Jennifer and Eric Harris. Issy has an older sister Bryanna (20) and a twin brother Griffin (17).

Issy has achieved remarkable academic honors throughout her high school journey. She is a proud member of the National Honor Society and has consistently earned a spot on the High Honor Roll. Issy will be earning over 65 college credits from Eastern Washington University and Central Washington University through College in the High School Courses. Not only is she dedicated to her studies, but she also actively contributes to the school community as her Class ASB Representative. Issy’s commitment extends beyond the classroom, as evidenced by her involvement in various extra-curricular activities. From participating in Knowledge Bowl and Future Business Leaders of America, to being a part of Future Farmers of America, CWU Vex Robotics, Yearbook Club and this past year nominated by her peers to be a member of Hope Squad. 

Issy has maintained her active lifestyle by staying involved in various sports throughout high school. Her achievements include receiving the Coaches Award and Best Server Award for her Volleyball Team, participating in Tennis, contributing to Basketball Cheer and holding the position of President in the Pink Gloves Boxing Club. Additionally, Issy has showcased her athleticism in Wrestling and Basketball, demonstrating a well-rounded commitment to sports. 


Outside of academic pursuits, Issy engages in a diverse range of interests. She has a passion for Botany and Astronomy, indicating a curiosity about the natural world and the cosmos. In her leisure time, she enjoys reading, hitting the ski slopes, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle by going to the gym. The creative side of Issy is evident through her love for drawing and painting. Family time is cherished through movie nights and the joy of baking. 

Issy plans to attend college and pursue a degree in Computer Science. Her dream job would be working remotely while traveling the world.

Izzy’s favorite TV show is The Office and her favorite novel is Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone.

When asked why she wants to be Apple Blossom Royalty Issy said, “This is a wonderful opportunity to show community spirit, create connections, and celebrate local pride! Through this I would be able to contribute to the town's traditions and create lasting memories for both me and my community!”

Liliana Narvaez

Liliana (Lili) is the daughter of Xochilt Valle and Jose Narvaez. She has one younger sister Yanixa (14) and a younger brother Jesse (10).

Lili has completed many College in the High School Courses through Eastern Washington University and Central Washington University earning her over 50 college credits. She is a member of the Cat Club and Yearbook Club.

Lili has been active in various sports during high school. She played Softball throughout, participated in Pink Gloves Boxing during her first two years and earned the Most Valuable Player Award in her Volleyball Team. She also joined the Basketball Team her freshman year and participated in Tennis during her sophomore and junior years. Her sports journey showcases her dedication and versatility.   

Dance and volleyball bring out Lili’s energetic side, while listening to music and playing solitaire provide moments of relaxation and enjoyment. She also has a creative flair, expressing herself through art and singing. Outside of her individual hobbies, she values spending quality time with her friends and family creating cherished moments together.

Lili plans to attend Wenatchee Valley College for two years to earn her AA Degree and transfer to a four-year university to pursue a degree in Business and Event Management. She hopes to return to the Chelan Valley to one day organize community events, just like Apple Blossom, to make a positive impact on our community.

Lili’s favorite TV show is Julie and the Phantoms and her favorite novel is Cinderella is Dead by Kalynn Bayron.

When asked why do you want to be Manson Apple Blossom Royalty, Lili says, “Manson is my home. This town has taught me the value of community, friendships, small-town traditions, respect, service, and gratitude. As someone who tries to embody these traits in everything I do, I want to be a role model for young women by representing Manson on the Apple Blossom Royalty.”

Natalee Reyna

Natalee is the daughter of Adelina Grageda and Carlos Reyna. She has two sisters, Daisy (16), Charlie (1) and two brothers, Johan (10), Joel (8).

Throughout her high school journey, Natalee has consistently achieved academic excellence, earning a place on the Honor Roll every year and gaining admission to the National Honor Society her junior and senior years. She will be earning over 65 college credits from Eastern Washington University and Central Washington University through College in the High School Courses. She received the Citizenship Award her junior year. 

Beyond academics, Natalee immersed herself in various extra-curricular activities and leadership roles, serving as ASB Secretary for the past two years and currently participating in the Superintendent Student Advisory Committee. As the Vice-president of the Raza Latina Club, she has contributed to fostering a diverse and inclusive school culture. In addition to work experience at Shoreline Beach Grill during the summers, she has dedicated time to internships with Thrive Chelan Valley and The Barn Fitness Center.   

Natalee’s athletic journey has been marked by dedication and accomplishments. She proudly served as the Varsity Volleyball Team Captain during her junior and senior years, earning the Coaches Award both years. She achieved recognition with 2nd Team All-League distinctions in her sophomore and junior years, escalating to 1st Team All-League and 1st Team All State this past season. Notably she earned the State Volleyball Tournament Sportsmanship Award her sophomore year and secured 3rd place trophies with her teammates both her sophomore and junior years. This year, the pinnacle of her high school sports career was winning the first ever State Championship title for Manson with her volleyball team. She was honored to participate in the WSVCA All State Volleyball Match in December. In addition to volleyball, she showcased her athleticism playing Varsity Basketball, earning Defensive Player of the Year both her freshman and sophomore years. She also participated in Varsity Track & Field during her freshman year and Varsity Tennis her junior year where she received the Rookie of the Year Award and contributed to the Girl’s Team 3rd place finish at the State Tournament.  

Beyond her academic and athletic pursuits, Natalee has a range of outside interests that define who she is. Sports, both playing and watching the pros, hold a special place in her heart, with volleyball standing out as her absolute favorite. Natalee finds immense joy in exploring new places and has been fortunate to visit seven countries. A stand out adventure was spending 31 days in Europe when she was eleven, broadening her cultural horizons. Yet, amidst these adventures, spending quality time with her family and friends remains her favorite pastime.  

Natalee plans to attend a four-year university where she plans to pursue a degree in Sport Management/Business and Kinesiology. Her dream is to work with a professional sport team as an Athletic Trainer or an Event and Operations Manager.   

Her favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls and favorite novel is Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper. 

When asked why do you want to be Manson Apple Blossom Royalty, Natalee stated, “It takes a village to raise a child and my village has unconditionally provided for me. From cheering me on in sports, to buying tickets for fundraising activities, my village has endlessly shown up. It would be an honor to represent my community in the 104th Manson Apple Blossom Festival.” 


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